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Our blog provides expert advice and tips on accounts receivable financing and PO factoring to help increase sales and grow your business.

Planning For A Shorter Future

Planning For A Shorter Future The baby boom generation continues to age.  As a result many businesses owned by this generation will either change ownership or close down over the next five year period.   Here is one major housekeeping tip for those that may be in this...

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Comparing Options

Comparing Options Are you happy with your financing arrangement? Would you like to know if there are other financing possibilities available to your company?  Premier Trade can help you.   We specialize in finding financing alternatives for companies.  Our extensive...

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Spring Transitions

Spring Transitions Most companies are now fully engaged in working to meet their 2019 objectives.  The business plan is set and execution is now the main focus. This is a good time to assess the effectiveness of the company’s support systems.  Does it have capacity...

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Factoring’s Best Quality

Factoring’s Best Quality:  Freedom In addition to quick and reliable access to cash a company gains other benefits through factoring its accounts receivable that are not recognized at first. Freedom for example: To Grow. Sales to good customers will support almost...

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