Factoring For Staffing Companies

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Staffing companies have specific cash flow needs. 

Whether you are a small, local employment agency, or a national staffing company with hundreds of clients, managing your cash flow effectively with accounts receivable financing may be the most important decision you can make for your business. At Premier Trade Solutions, we specialize in providing staffing companies with the factoring and accounts receivable finance services that will help you to grow your business while allowing you to focus on sales, customer retention, and acquisition. Our factoring services are very scalable with no monthly minimums, affording your company the flexibility it needs to manage your cash flow due to seasonal or client needs.

We know that staffing clients often have 30 to 60 days terms on their invoices, which can result a cash crunch for your growing business. With Premier Trade accounts receivable financing for staffing companies, we can fund your client invoices within 24 hours, at up to 90% of their value, giving you the cash flow you need to meet your daily business obligations. In addition, our back office collections and accounting services can reduce headcount, resulting in streamlined operations and increased profitability.

Professional Factoring & Superior Service

With over 16 years of helping staffing companies like yours manage their cashflow and grow their business, it is no wonder staffing companies put their trust in Premier Trade when it comes to their factoring and accounts receivable financing needs. To talk to one of our staffing industry specialists to see how Premier Trade can help your manage your cash flow and grow your business, please fill out the form to the right or call us at 877.787.3062 to speak to one of our knowledgeable representatives – you won’t regret it!



“We found Premier Trade to be a great addition to our team. The provided us with the necessary funding to grow our business with very little hassle. They were the financial bridge from starting the business to making it in business. I would recommend them for any start-up that needs quick capital to sustain growth.” – Kevin Burr, President, Barracuda Staffing

Kevin Burr

President, Barracuda Staffing

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