Factoring For Transportation Companies

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Business is booming for transportation companies…does your company have the cash flow it needs to keep up with the competition?

A strong, diverse economy coupled with lower energy costs have combined to push trucking and transportation company growth to record levels. With robust growth forecasted through 2022 and beyond, trucking and transportation companies that manage their cash flow efficiently will be in a position to thrive and win market share from less stable competitors.  

Premier Trade Solutions knows the trucking industry inside and out, and has the experience and lending power to help you manage your cash flow, invoices, and collections, allowing you to focus on managing your personnel, providing great customer service, and winning new business.

Premier Trade can fund up to $2,500,000 against qualified invoices and receivables from credit worthy customers. Take advantage of our free credit reports on new or existing customers to help you make good decisions and mitigate risk. Our back office services are second to none, freeing up resources and reducing employee expense that can fall right to the bottom line.

Keep On Trucking With Premier Trade Solutions!

In today’s hyper-competitive transportation industry, your trucking business needs every advantage available to maintain margins and grow market share. Our team is ready to create the perfect plan that maximizes your profits and minimizes your headaches. Just give us a call at 877.787.3062 or fill out the form to the right for a no obligation consultation…we are ready to talk!



“Premier Trade was there for me and my company when no one else was. Banks are great when things are rosy, but they are nowhere to be found when things get bumpy. Premier Trade is just the opposite. They are right by your side all the time. I could count on the money in my account when I needed it. Always responsive to my questions and to my needs. I can’t say enough about the peace of mind they allowed me to have when I needed it the most.”

Ron Carroll

President , Truckhugger Tarp Systems

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