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Factoring’s Best Quality:  Freedom

In addition to quick and reliable access to cash a company gains other benefits through factoring its accounts receivable that are not recognized at first.

Freedom for example:

  • To Grow. Sales to good customers will support almost unlimited growth.  A Factor helps to identify credit worthy customers.
  • To Focus. Reporting is focused on receivables assigned and sold.  There is more time to run the business as there are no requirements to produce reports that provide little information to the company.
  • To Decide. Make decisions free of covenants and financial requirements.
  • To Profit. Cut costs associated with external credit and collections efforts and internal management and reporting functions.  Find better customers.  Improve supplier relationships and earn discounts.

What to look for?  Carefully consider term and minimum fee requirements when examining a Factor’s contract.  Less is better, none is best.

Liberate your company, factor your receivables.

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