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Isn’t America Great

Every so often I will notice some aspect of American life that will make me realize what a great country this can be.  For instance, I felt this way when I realized that one can make over one hundred thousand dollars a year fishing for bass.  Or most recently when I saw a group of young gamers win over one million dollars in a video game playoff.  I love the opportunity these events highlight and the positive changes that they show.  I also appreciate that they illustrate that there are many different ways to reach the same goal.

As a broker of financial services I have the chance to see how a variety of different lenders strive to offer different and better solutions to their clients.   In some cases new products are developed or better delivery systems are offered.  Fintech is a broad example of this phenomena.  On a micro level I have long been familiar with highly secured PO financing transactions but most recently I found a lender specializing in unsecured transactional PO finance.   This was a first for me and an excellent example of a lender adapting a product to serve a different client profile. 

Our goal is to help companies find the right lender and the right product among the many choices available.  Please call Tom Cavanaugh at 303-228-1430 or email to [email protected] if we may help.

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