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I come from a family that loves to take lessons. Whether the lessons were for piano or skiing there was a common thread: Look ahead.  Pay attention to what moguls were downhill because those were the ones you needed to turn on next. See what chords were coming because you were going to have to play them when you were done with this one. Knowing what is out there helps you know what to do now to be ready.

Running a company is no different. This time of year companies are looking ahead to see where business is coming from in 2017. Where are the new markets? What is the best approach with existing customers? How do I grow my business? Are there new product lines I should undertake? Do I need additional staffing? All these are issues related to DOING the business, the single most important thing your clients do.

The companion to doing the business is RUNNING the business including processes from purchasing to shipping to accounting. One of the most important pieces is how to finance business for day-to-day operations and to meet longer term growth goals.

Financing can be difficult for a business which does not have sufficient history or capitalization to meet standard bank requirements. Alternatives such as factoring, purchase order finance, equipment leasing, inventory finance, have widely dispersed markets, rates and fees which require expertise to analyze.

Premier Trade Solutions, Inc. is perfectly situated to help find and evaluate the alternatives. After more than 16 years in the business of financing businesses we understand factoring, purchase order finance, inventory financing and bank financing. We can help compare rates, fees and terms identifying the right direct lender for your customers’ needs.  Then we will help put together the package to present to a lender to obtain the financing. 

Our fees are paid by the direct lender, not by your clients.

If you know of a company looking for financing please give me a call at 303-228-1430 or email me at [email protected]. PTSI will work hard to find just the right financing solution.

I look forward to working with you.

Coming In Our Next Blog: Some Thoughts on Paying Suppliers Deposits.

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