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So here we are…….rather a bit past mid-summer which actually occurred on June 24 this year.  Temperatures have certainly climbed higher and we are hoping that the cool off that usually starts around August 1 will be on time this year.  One of the things I enjoy the most about August is the abundant crop of fresh heirloom tomatoes my garden produces.  As the old song says, “There are two things that money can’t buy….true love and home grown tomatoes!”

Just as it is a busy time in the garden, it is a busy time for business.  By now your year is shaping up.  And as orders come in the business grows resulting in more orders.  Hopefully your financing is in place and sufficient to allow you to meet current needs and growth as it occurs.  But is it the best financing available?  Are the terms flexible enough for you as a businessperson to move quickly to take advantage of sudden opportunities?  And, a very important piece, are you getting the best price for your financing?

I know……reviewing and assessing financing sources is a time consuming process with confusing aspects.  How to do an efficient review and analysis…..part of what I call RUNNING the business……without taking time away from clients and……what I call…….DOING the business.  This is the business owners’ constant push-me, pull-me.  Premier Trade Solutions, Inc. can help. 

We are business owners.  We have been borrowers, we have been direct lenders, we have been bankers.  During the last 40 years we have developed an extensive set of contacts for many types of financing including factoring, purchase order, ABL, bank lending and term loans.  Premier specializes in finding the right fit for our clients.  We streamline the search by quickly assessing your needs then working with our financing sources to develop the solutions that best meets those needs. 

Even if you are currently content with your financing, it never hurts to see what is out there by way of options.  Our fees are paid by the direct financing source when a deal is closed so deciding to talk with us and explore options is at no cost to you. 

 I hope your tomatoes are having as abundant a year as we are having in Colorado.  I hope your business is growing equally well.  Take just a few minutes and give us a call.  You may find new options, better pricing or options on more favorable terms without it costing a dime.  Call Tom Cavanaugh, 303-228-1430 or contact us via email at [email protected].  And be sure and visit our website, for additional information. 

Cheers to all for a great rest of the summer.

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