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In 2000 Premier Trade Solutions, Inc. began serving markets as a direct lender with specialties in Factoring and Purchase Order finance. For 16 years we provided small and medium sized businesses across the United States with non-traditional working capital alternatives.

Now it is 2017 and with the New Year it is time for a new direction.

As of 2017, PTSI is no longer in the direct lending business. However, our many years of experience have given us enormous insights into the markets and what type of lenders provide which types of working capital loans or lines. In 2017, our goal is to become the primary source to match businesses with the financing they need to succeed. We stand ready to help a range of business types in their search for the right financial partner.

Having the right partner is essential to business growth. It can be the most problematic to find when it is most needed. Planning ahead for those needs is always best. We can help you sort through the many alternatives. Whether your needs are for factoring or purchase order finance, private banking, asset based lending or equipment financing, PTSI can help you find lenders. We can help put together an effective request package to present to working capital providers.

If you know of a company looking for but unable to find the financing they need please give me a call at 303-228-1430 or email me at [email protected]. PTSI will work hard with them to find just the right financing solution.

I look forward to working with you.

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