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Purchase Order Servicing for the Factoring Community

Premier Trade Solutions, Inc has introduced the Premier PO program to help the Factoring Community offer PO financing to their best clients.  The program provides a controlled and economical new way for a Factor to assist their clients thereby increasing bottom line results for both parties.

The process starts with a factoring client looking for financing to complete product delivery under an existing purchase order.

Free Consultation and Evaluation

First, the Factor looks at the client’s customer to determine its creditworthiness.  If the customer is approved for credit the Factor introduces its client to Premier Trade.

Premier then works with the client to:  1) verify the purchase order with the customer, and 2) help them develop a detailed budget including payments needed, parties to be paid, and the purpose and timing for each payment.  Premier Trade will then provide all the information to the Factor who makes the decision to proceed with or decline the transaction.

Premier Earns Fees Only On Successful Transactions

Premier provides the office support and process expertise needed to effectively manage PO finance.  We provide for the evaluation, set up, documentation, monitoring and the management of each approved PO transaction.  Premier puts its sixteen years of experience and 2,800 successfully completed PO transactions to work for you.

The Factor approves customer credit, reviews and then initiates funding, and maintains complete client and collateral control.

Premier is paid its fees when the associated invoice is purchased by the Factor.  For each PO transaction handled a base fee of $500 is charged plus an additional fee of thirty-five basis points on the cumulative funding over $50,000.  For example the fee charged on a funding of $100,000 would be $675.00 in total.

Please contact Tom Cavanaugh at 303-228-1430 or [email protected] for additional information.

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