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Spring Transitions

Most companies are now fully engaged in working to meet their 2019 objectives.  The business plan is set and execution is now the main focus. This is a good time to assess the effectiveness of the company’s support systems.  Does it have capacity issues?  Skilled worker shortages?  Financial constraints?  Are changes needed to better position the company for its future growth and profitability?

Competition within the financial services sector has made it a good time for a company that is looking for money. A profitable and successful company may be able to better its rate or lending structure and companies with financial issues have more options to consider.  Now may be the time to take a look at your financing arrangement, review its rate and structure and make sure it meets your current and future needs. 

Finding a good lender is not always easy.  I am available to talk about alternatives for those that may need a change.  Please call me at 303-228-1430 or email to [email protected]

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