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Some Thoughts on Voting

As I sat home last weekend and celebrated the 4th of July I took some time to reflect on the United States. Given the current state of affairs I thought a positive assessment might be appreciated.

 I have always thought and still do that the US, even with its faults, offers the best opportunity in the world for its citizens to find and pursue life, liberty and happiness.  This opportunity arose as we developed and had the good fortune and the good sense to couple a republican form of government based on democratic principles with a free enterprise capitalistic economic system.  

This coupling was not an accident; it was and is central to the formation of our society and its successful workings today.  Two key principles within this framework form its foundation.  These principles are that all citizens are equal under the law and that each citizen has the right to vote.  

These principles tie us into the society and give us a big say in how things are ultimately done.  The vote is the great equalizer in America.  The vote of the poorest voter has the same weight as the one cast by the person at the top of the financial one percent. Ultimately, the will and desires of the majority will set the direction for the society and the rules for how we as a society move in that direction.  

This direction has been determined through a give and take process between the forces influencing capitalism and those guiding democracy.  The role of government has been to interpret and moderate those forces so as to provide the best environment to sustain and nourish both.  Our economic and governing systems are better served when more people participate in and benefit from them.  Therefore on the economic front we are better served with a broader distribution of wealth than a narrow one.   And as to governing we are better off with large number of active voters helping to promote legislation as compared to a small select few.  

It is vital that each citizen exercise their right and vote.  To stress the importance of this the US should adopt a system that registers citizens to vote at the time their birth certificates are issued for those born in the US and at the time of naturalization for those born outside of the US.

Since Voting by Mail is a current topic I have a one word description for it as practiced by the State of Colorado —  Fantastic.

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